I believe that if you genuinely have a great product or service, it’s like the universe is in a state of imbalance until someone who needs it discovers you and becomes a loyal customer. I’m obsessed with uncovering ways to connect the needs and desires of prospects to great products and services.

But what’s so critical to understand in 2018 is that marketing and branding is no longer a one-way street. Instead of marketing to prospective customers, organizations need to approach the process together with customers. As marketers, we now have a new generation of tools to maintain a constant feedback loop with prospects and customers, which gives us the opportunity to quickly find traction points within a market, invest with confidence and can ultimately enable a company to flourish.

But strategy and ideation are just one half of the equation. To really bring a brand to life, the strategy needs to be translated into a medium that the prospect can truly, and deeply connect with. With my strong background in graphic design, video production, and animation, I’m able to provide the creative direction, as well as the execution, to bring a brand to life. End of text decoration


"Organized and diligent, Joseph is a hard-working, creative self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and more importantly how to execute said vision quickly and effectively."

- Jonathan Cobrda | NY,NY | RWS & Associates

"The footage exceeded my expectations as well as the producer's expectations and the footage was essential for the segment. Without his talented work, we would not have been able to air the segment."

- Robert Gunter | Raleigh, NC | PBS | UNCTV